April 22, 2019 2 min read


iKamper - Episode 16 :Recap 


After exactly 270 days traveling, we finished the “vuelta” (loop) through the Americas.


Entering into the Overlanding lifestyle, we didn’t have a good feel of how much we would get to camp along the way, but we were so surprised with all the camping opportunities at any given place with the pop-up iKamper. We ended camping a grand total of 148 nights along the entire trip. Out of those, we had a mix of “formal” campsites, “wild” camping in the lax outdoors of the southern regions, and “informal” camping sites, anything from parking lots to gas stations. If we were not camping, we were houseguests or stayed in hostels when we chose to stay in the cities.


After having reached the southern most city of the Americas, Ushuaia, the final weeks of the trip were all about the drive back north to Buenos Aires starting the arrangements for the shipping of the car back to the USA. We managed to fit a final loop of the north of Argentina, where we got to sneak into Uruguay and Brazil to camp a few nights to make it official. We marked our “last day of overlanding” with a picture of the sunrise overlooking the town of Cordoba as we wild camped in the high lands of their prairie.


Then we would return to Buenos Aires to prepare the car for shipping, and “pay forward” our beloved SkyCamper. We made friends with a fellow overlander in Argentina that lost his vehicle in Chile. Moved by his story, we wanted to help him. He expressed a lot of interest in the iKamper to continue camping in southern Argentina, so we sold it to him. Then we shipped the vehicle back to the USA, and we flew back a week later.


It was great to see our families and friends again and share hours of stories from the road. This was such a wonderful opportunity in life and we are ever so grateful for having taken the opportunity to see the world this way. Here are a few stats from Vueltamerica, the road trip down the PanAmerican highway through North and South America.



🌎Vueltamerica Recap in numbers:


270  Days 📆

24,619  Miles driven 🚐💨

1,450  Gallons of Fuel 🛢

148   Camping nights 🏕

15  Countries visited 🌎

27  Border Crossings 🛂

39.3 Highest Latitude (degrees north) Fairfield, OH, USA

-54.9 Lowest Latitude (degrees south) Ushuaia, Argentina

15,878 Highest Altitude driven (ft)

14  Mechanic Visits 🛠

3  Flat tires ❗️

5  Oil Changes🛢

1  Blown Engine ‼️

1  Busted 4x4 ❗️

3  Busted french presses ☕️

1  Pickpocket incident 👥

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