Vueltamerica - Episode 6 El Salvador

September 13, 2018 2 min read

Vueltamerica - Episode 6 El Salvador

iKamper blog: Episode 6: El Salvador tour (Travel Day 57 out of 270)


El Salvador, home of delicious ‘pupusas’ and beautiful Pacific beaches. A pupusa is a thick homemade corn tortilla, stuffed with a variety of delicious options such as cheese, beans, and pork, and served warm. Driving into El Salvador, ‘pupusas’ were our first priority.


Aware of rumors of political unrest in Central America, we were pleased to convoy with our overlanding friends @lostfordays through El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua together. After our take-off from Antigua, Guatemala, and crossing into El Salvador, we headed straight toward the playa to set up camp. We found a great spot overlooking the beach  at “El Tunco,” parked our 4x4 RTT rigs parallel to each other, opening both roof top tents to the middle, where we put our table & chairs and set up camp. We popped the Skycamp up and within a few mins, our camp was ready. After a long drive, the last thing you want to do is fumble with setting up a tent for an hour with a hungry travel partner. Time is of the esense when hungry becomes hangry, so we were grateful for our Skycamp’s quick set up. Off to find ‘pupusas’!


After passing a few restaurants, we finally found the perfect hole-in-the-wall spot full of locals. Right away, we ordered a stack of pupusas for the four of us to try. We started laughing, relieved that we made it to a new country successfully and gitty about the idea of warm tortillas melting in our mouths. All of a sudden, the waiter comes around with a round of local Pilsner beers for each of us. We looked around at each other- who ordered a round? An older Salvadorian man from the other side of the restaurant lifted his glass “¡Bienvenidos a mi país!” We were honored. Who does that? What a fantastic welcome into this new country! 

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