Arizona Road Trip with 'The Wilderness Collective'

July 14, 2019 2 min read

Arizona Road Trip with 'The Wilderness Collective'

Caravanning to Arizona 2019

Nothing like a good old fashioned road trip with great company. We spent six days roaming around the Southwest corner of the US and had a blast off-roading, cooking gourmet meals and creating life long memories. Cheers, friends!

Monument Valley

Oh how we love springtime in the desert. Escaping Colorado’s unpredictable weather for a week is exactly what we needed for our chilly bodies. We passed through Moab for a brief lunch stop and made our way to the iconic Monument Valley. The warm desert dust enveloped us as we explored campsites, did a healthy amount of off-roading and lots of laughs with our friends. 

We caravanned to the valley overlook for sunset and spent the rest of the evening by the fire and talking about other adventures over hot dogs and tequila shots. One of our favorite moments from the first leg of the trip was waking up for sunrise and not needing a jacket. A luxury that is rare in the Colorado rockies. 

Lake Powell

We drive down to Arizona at least once a year. We always drive right through Monument Valley but never so much as glance at Lake Powell. This trip we set out to change that mindset. We parked our cars just a few meters from the lake and nestled into the soft sand. We were welcomed with refreshing cool and vibrantly blue water. Some of our favorite activities included ripping some massive donuts in the sand, picnicking on the five paddle board convoy we created and tossing rocks (albeit, more fun than it sounds). Overall, Lake Powell treated us so well and we are disappointed in ourselves that we had never gone before! This spot will most definitely turn into an annual trip for us. 


Sedona, Arizona

The first sunset we spent on the top of an off road trail was spent literally gawking and trying not to drool. We overlanded miles of rocky trail to stumble upon this overlook. We were treated with a sunset and golden hour that only the gods could be capable of. Our entire friend group gaped at the insane views and we scrambled back to our cars to grab the cameras. Once we finished up watching the sun go down, we made our way to the nearby campsite and blue hour set it. We enjoyed throwing back some Colorado beers and talked about the highlights from our travels. Right before we crawled into our respective beds for the night, we managed to spot one black widow, two scorpions and a centipede. Oh, the nightmares that ensued that night. 


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