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Field Tested: iKamper SkyCamp 4-Person Rooftop Tent

When closed, the Skycamp appears no different than several other hardshell tents on the market, but it has a hidden surprise. Tucked within is an extra bit of floor, about half the width of the tent, that folds out with the ladder. This extra floor space expands the tent interior width to over 82 inches. iKamper officially claims the Skycamp fits two adults and two children, or three adults. That assessment is corroborated by the outdoor industry’s standard for ground tents which allocates 20 inches per person.

Mounting is straightforward with two aluminum channels running along the bottom of the shell with four adjustable mounting plates and corresponding bolts. Positioned over any standard cross bars or roof rack, they mate to one of the four included c-shaped plates. Optional accessories include flat mounting plates with multiple holes to accommodate different sized cross bars, and a locking bolt cover to prevent theft.

The SkyCamp, in poly-cotton, weighs 160 pounds making it easy to install and move about. It also reduces negative vehicle handling properties while driving. Weight savings come from a honeycombed aluminum floor and a thin shell, similar to that of a roof top cargo box. The shell is made of  fiber-reinforced plastic, and is constructed in two layers sealed together with a small air void inside. The idea of the air pocket is to help with insulation and reduce condensation. The inside of the shell is finished with a quilted lining to provide additional insulation but primarily creates a nice appearance for the interior.

The tent fabric comes in three options: polyester 250D, a poly-cotton blend, and mesh. The poly-cotton blend, which we tested, has a few benefits above the polyester including better handling of condensation and it is more insulating. Either of the Poly tents can be easily changed out for a full mesh tent for hot weather camping, but the mesh panels are only available as an accessory. So, if you want the mesh tent you need to order the Skycamp in either the polyester 250D $2,499, or the poly-cotton canvas $2,799 and then order the mesh tent as an accessory for $359. The tent fabric is attached to the frame with a large zipper. In high winds I noticed the tent was relatively quiet due to the fabric being taught on the frame without any sagging. I also noticed that by parking with the hard top to windward it acts as a large wind deflector.

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