Ways to enjoy winter camping safely with Skycamp

December 28, 2017

Ways to enjoy winter camping safely with Skycamp

2017 is coming to an end and winter is all around us. Our Skycamp is in high demand even in the winter seasonm and we have customers from all over the world. We thank all of our customers! 

It is time for winter camping and we would like to offer some tips for winter camping with your Skycamp.

We always want you to be safe, so here are a few reminders. If you have not read the Skycamp instruction manual yet or need help with installation instructions, please check the Skycamp instruction page HERE.

1. Winter Caution | ANNEX ROOM IN THE SNOW

Never use any heat source inside the Skycamp that uses flammable fuel. Please camp safely in the winter season.

The Annex Room offers great protection from the cold, but if you are expecting heavy snowfall please remove the support poles before going to sleep as they might bend under the weight of the snow.

winter skycamp annex

 2. LADDER | The Skycamp’s extension panel is supported by the ladder.

Remember to place the ladder at a 70° to 75° angle from the ground, offering the most support to the extension panel. Extend the ladder to the appropriate length while taking into account the surface of the ground. Make sure the ladder is securely in place.

Skycamp ladder and expansion panel


All new Skycamps come with a small aluminum wind guard on the front, and we have shipped wind guards to customers who own early Skycamp models. It is VERY important that this wind guard is installed on your Skycamp. Please contact us at info@ikamper.com if you did not receive yours.

wind guard

4. HARD SHELL | Close tightly

Please make sure your fastening straps or hard shell locks are securely fastened before driving.

The black aluminum wind guard at the front of your Skycamp prevents fast-moving air from entering the gap in between the hard shell top and bottom panel.

 Skycamp wind guard

If you store too many sleeping bags and blankets inside your Skycamp, you could make the mistake of driving with your Skycamp half-closed.

Skycamp wrong closing

If the lip of the hard shell top is not covered by the wind guard and sits above it, then the hard shell top could open when your vehicle is being driven at speeds of 50 mph and over.

Skycamp right closing

Always check that your hard shell is completely closed before driving, and remove any items inside your Skycamp if you are unable to close it properly.

When driving on the highway, we recommend driving at the 70mph speed limit.

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@ikamper.com

Thank you, and happy winter camping!


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