Once the Skycamp is installed, it is absolutely amazing. - John O. (Skycamp Canvas)

March 28, 2018

Once the Skycamp is installed, it is absolutely amazing. - John O. (Skycamp Canvas)

The first encounter with the Skycamp was during the installation.  It was surprisingly heavy and difficult to lift on to the roof of our Honda Odyssey and unfortunately my wife was unable to lift it and back up was needed.  The Ikamper mounting hardware could also use some improvement in design as the first time installing with a regular 13mm wrench it took us over an hour just to tighten the nuts, I have since purchased a 13mm ratcheting wrench. 

However, once the Skycamp is installed, it is absolutely amazing.  Our family of four, a three year old, a four year old, my wife and I, went camping in a way we had never thought would be possible for a family with very young children. Because of the Skycamp s ease of use, we were able to camp at a different campsite every night during our summer trips, including some down logging roads, allowing us to experience more and see more. 

The one-minute setup is no lie and take down is also quick and easy, letting us be the first one in and out of every campsite.  There is surprising amount of space inside, both our children are able to stand up fully and play ring-around-the-rosy and the mattress is not thick but comfortable.  I am 6 2  and I am sure it can sleep even taller people comfortably (in my tent trailer my head or feet would touch the walls of the interior.)   My three and four year old are able to climb up and down the very sturdy ladder by themselves. The sky view was the cherry on top of the cake, as we lie there falling asleep we listened to crickets, frogs, wind through the trees and our three and four year old snoring away beside us, we gazed up at the star filled night sky lit up by moonlight from inside our cozy roof top tent.

The company has exceptional customer service, amazing response time and a great connection with their customers.  This is a company that clearly puts their customers first, an example would be: they noticed that the feet of the ladder could stain the sky view so they promptly made covers for the feet and sent them out to everyone, I was simply using a pair of socks to aid in the problem and was very happy to receive my set of covers.  Another Ikamper user told the company that the Skycamp could open at high speeds and they immediately made a visor to deflect the wind from going inside the Skycamp, although it does add some bulk and makes the Skycamper shell less refined, I trust a company that admits to their mistakes and finds the best solution to the problem.

As a Kickstarter backer of the Skycamp there were a lot of trial and error from the company but as with all great things, there must be a starting point.  If I were to make a single change on the Skycamp, I would remove the white film on the floor inside the Skycamp, to me it is unnecessary and also the Velcro that holds the mattress in place would be better placed directly on the floor of the Skycamp.

Overall we love our Skycamp and cannot wait to see where our next adventure will take us. Happy camping!  

- John O.