Airflow Summer Tent

Swap out the standard Skycamp tent for this breezy mesh alternative and keep cool in the summer heat. It's mosquito-proof and has the same rain fly as the standard tent.

  • Perfect for hot weather, the Airflow Summer Tent can be added to any regular Skycamp.

  • The fabric at the bottom of the tent gives you privacy while lying down.

  • The zipper on the top of the tent allows you to stand up and roll out the rain fly.

  • Other Skycamp accessories like the Annex Room, Awning, and Vinyl Canopy can all be attached to the Airflow Summer Tent (although not at the same time).

NOTE: The Airflow Summer Tent was designed to fit the Skycamp 1.0 model (2017-2018 versions). It also fits the Skycamp 2.0 (2019 model) but has slight design differences. It does NOT fit the X-Cover or Skycamp 2X models.

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