The Aioks [eye-ox] has everything you need for outdoor cooking, all in ONE box.  

  •  Compact: All your outdoor kitchen needs fit in the aluminum box.
  • Spacious: Seats 4 or more people comfortably.
  • Two-Burner System: 7500BTU of power, engineered by Kovea.
  • Portable: Only 20lbs so can easily be rolled or carried.
  • Premium materials: Aluminum 5052, birch plywood, and stainless steel.
  • Safe: Gas stoves are CSA-certified.  

Note: The Aioks is compatible with screw-on butane canisters, such as ones by MSR. Propane canisters can be used as well with these adapters (two for $30).  Scroll down to see more Aioks accessories.


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Rooftop Tent Accessories Warranty

1 Year Warranty

For 1 year from the date of purchase, iKamper will repair or replace (at our option) defective parts at no cost to the customer.  

Our warranty does not cover all issues, such as the ones below: 

  • Ultra-violet (UV) damage to fabric or paint. 
  • Normal wear and tear, or cosmetic blemishes occurring as a result of use.
  • Damage caused by the customer (misuse, accident, abuse, storm damage, etc.) 
  • Aesthetic changes that do not affect the general operation of the Skycamp.

This warranty applies only to customers who purchased directly from iKamper or an authorized dealer and does not cover second-hand purchases. While the warranty does cover products sold through authorized dealers, customers who purchased their iKamper products from a dealer must submit any After Service Requests through the dealer they purchased from.

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Aioks Accessory Stand
Aioks Propane Adapters

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