Abigail Lafleur-Shaffer

Abigail LaFleur-Shaffer

Location: Colorado
Vehicle: 2015 Subaru XV Crosstrek
iKamper Gear: X-Cover
Lifestyle: Hiker, Mountain Biker (Amateur), Backcountry Snowboarding (Amateur), Photographer, Traveler, Rock Climber, Motorcyclist, Dog Mom, pop up dinners, exploring, photography
Biggest Pro Tip: Is it cold in your tent? Bring a Kuma! @kuma_thehuskybear
My TED Talk would be about: I'd love to talk about the mental, emotional and physical benefits of keeping/nurturing plants (secretly a plant lady over here), and some how tie that into seeing plants/nature as one with us and not a separate entity.
My Dream Trip: Motor-bike pack trip or road trip with Kodi and Kuma through the Latin Americas.
Favorite Go-To Camping Meal: Arepas and camp margaritas
Life Motto: Live with empathy.

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Hailing from Colorado, I am passionate, adventurous, and deeply drawn to travel, art and the outdoors.

I am currently working in commercial/lifestyle photography for outdoor brands, creating imagery for marketing and story-telling, as well as pursuing human and environmental advocacy throughout my work. I'm joined by my two side-kicks, Kodi and Kuma; I seek to include them in my life as much as I can, they inspire me to seek out adventure wherever I go, as well as to seek deep connection with the Earth/nature.

How has iKamper changed the way you think about adventure? I'm not sure it has changed the way I think about adventure, but it has changed *how* I adventure. I feel a bit more free knowing my home is wherever we are.

Best/Worst Camping Story:  I don't really have a "worst" camping story; of course things have gone wrong while camping, but I usually live by the fact that misfortunes make memories, even when I've been frustrated, things usually turn out ok and I can laugh about it later!

Where you can find me on my day off: Wherever my soul is drawn to; could be the ocean, the desert, a mountain top or at home with Kodi and Kuma.

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