Max Muench

Max Muench

Location: Germany
Vehicles: Mercedes-Benz E Class, Toyota Landcruiser, & UAZ Patriot.
iKamper Gear: Skycamp Mini, Skycamp 2.0 and Annex.
Lifestyle: World traveler, photographer and adventurer
Biggest Pro Tip: Never go with the flow. Create it.
Where you can find me on my day off: At home.
My Dream Trip: Exploring the islands of South Georgia.
Favorite Go-To Camping Meal: Freshly made bread over the fire with butter and green tea. That's it.
Life Motto: Never go with the flow. Create it.

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Max Muench​’s beautiful, yet moody, photography always evokes the purest sense of wanderlust. His photos seem to capture something hidden in the subject matter — whether that be an elusive feeling, a remote location, or a fleeting moment. The 28-year-old Berlin based photographer and entrepreneur is one of Germany’s leading artists in the fields of outdoor, nature and adventure. He’s the co-founder of Europe’s most influential outdoor-photographers collective “German Roamers” and shares his adventures with his more than 600,000 followers on Instagram. Since 2019, he’s been successfully running his travel agency “FollowTheTracks” with self-drive tours through Mongolia, offers photography workshops internationally and just recently launched his online Masterclass. iKamper is an exclusive partner and provides Skycamps for the entire Followthetracks fleet in Mongolia.

How has iKamper changed the way you think about adventure?  I think that there's no place in the world where I wouldn't want to take my iKamper with me #iKlampEverywhere. It's the easiest and most convenient and comfortable way of traveling, camping and starting the day in another location every day.

Best/Worst Camping Story:  I will never forget my first morning in the Skycamp 2.0 in Mongolia - after a starry night, I woke up in Gobi Desert, surrounded by a moon-like landscape, waiting for the sun to rise. While looking out the window, I saw camels in the far distance.

I will also never forget that first night in my pitch-tent, somewhere at a lakeside in Switzerland. We thought it was a good idea to camp in that little ditch and it would have been, if it hadn't rained cats and dogs all night long. Woke up to a broken tent, entirely soaked, while floating on mud water on my mattress.

My TED Talk would be about: Unseen cultures and remote places in Central Asia.

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