New locking system

This is the page of the instruction manual for new latches.

Please READ THE MANUAL and WATCH VIDEO before installing the new locking system. Make sure to have someone who is handy with tools to perform the installation, and contact us at if you have any questions.

1. Please click below link to read and print for installing. 

2. There are TWO INSTALLING METHOD ( Add or replace ) and TWO TYPE OF LATCH. You will need to decide and FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTION VIDEO for proper installation. 


Method 1 (recommended) - ADD

The first method is shown in the image below. You would install the new latch 7cm to the outside of your current latch.

Method 2 - REPLACE

The second method would be to remove your current strap and install the new one in the same location. See image below.

Method 2: Case 1

Method 2: Case 2