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Skycamp gives you the freedom to camp whenever and wherever you want.


"Expandable Rooftop Car Tent completely redefines camping." - Awesome stuff 365

"An innovative popup shelter that lives on top of your car." - Digital Trends



    "The iKamper has brought camping and the outdoors back into our lives! We haven't camped for over 10 years and are so happy with our iKamper, now we go a few times a month!" - Danielle B.

    "The Quality is impeccable." - Joey L.

    This product has saved us buying, storing, insuring and maintaining a trailer. - Jason F.


    Expandable King-Size Floor

    Skycamp is a hard-shell expandable roof top tent that offers phenomenal space.


    Setup Is Easier Done than Said

    Setting up the Skycamp is so simple: anyone can do it in under a minute.


    Extremely Durable and Strong

    The Skycamp's floor is made of high-performance honeycomb panels that are extremely strong, lightweight, and durable. 


    Skycamp Fits On Most Vehicles 

     The Skycamp's universal mounting system allows it to be installed on almost all cross-bars. Two people can easily mount it, and at 160lbs it is compatible with most racks that support a dynamic weight limit of 165lbs. 

    Skyview Window

    Our signature Skyview lets you fall asleep looking up at the stars.

    Waterproof and Windproof

    The Skycamp's tent material is made of insulating, water-resistant poly-cotton canvas, and it comes equipped with a rain fly for added protection.


    Watch the video above to see the Skycamp go through rain and wind tests (sustained winds of up to 20m/s or 44mph).

    Please be cautious, iKamper does NOT recommend camping in extremely windy conditions (National Weather Service issues a High Wind Warning when winds above 40mph are expected).

    Save on Gas

    Its innovative clamshell-like hard top is aerodynamic, sleek and lightweight, which improves fuel efficiency. 


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    Breathable (less chance of condensation) and insulates very well. You won’t get as hot on a warm day, nor as cold when it is chilly. The fabric is heavier than typical polyester tent material, so it's quieter in windy conditions. Poly-cotton canvas can also last longer and is more resistant to harmful UV rays. 


    Skycamp has gone through vigorous quality assurance testings to make sure you get the highest quality tent possible.




    dark gray


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    All accessories are sold separately. To purchase them, simply choose the Skycamp of your choice, and add the desired accessory.

    Awning ($249)

    • Doubles as shelter from the rain and shade from the sun
    • Very easy and intuitive setup
    • 100% waterproof (polyester fabric with 5000mm PU coating)
    • Extra wide size provides plenty of shelter
    • Attaches to the main entrance with its zipper

    Annex Room ($690)

    • Great way to add more living space
    • Easy and intuitive set up
    • 100% waterproof (polyester fabric with 5000mm PU coating)
    • 3 Large doors can be converted into canopies
    • Main cover + mosquito net for all doors
    • Attaches to the main entrance (cannot be used simultaneously w/ awning)

    Storage Shelf ($59)

    • Great for storing camping gear, cooking utensils, or toiletries
    • Durable Polyester 600D fabric
    • 4 Large pockets
    • Can be folded for easy storage
    • Conveniently hangs from the extension floor, next to the ladder

      Shoe Rack ($59)

      • Keeps your shoes away from mud, sand or bugs
      • Holds up to six pairs of shoes
      • Includes cover to protect from rain and dew
      • Conveniently hangs from the extension floor, next to the ladder

      Wind Deflector ($149)

      The Wind Deflector enhances the overall look of the Skycamp on your vehicle, and it reduces wind noise by minimizing drag (MPG). It attaches to the rails under the Skycamp, and its rubber bumper prevents any scratches to your roof.

      Anti-Theft Locks ($110)

      The steel (SUS304) anti-theft locks are mounted over the bolts of the mounting brackets to prevent them from being unscrewed. Two locks are included, and one can be attached to each cross bar to help insure you for any theft situations that might occur down the road.




      The Skycamp's ladder is adjustable so can work on most vehicles. Need more height? Just add the ladder extension.

      Each step extends the ladder's length by 10.4" (26.5cm), and the ladder should be placed at a 70º angle for maximum safety.


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      My name is Soon Park, and I am the founder and CEO of iKamper. In my twenties, I was deeply inspired by Jack Kerouac's On the Road, and in 2009 I embarked on an unforgettable journey: my family and I covered 58,000 miles all across North America over a period of 3 years. Ever since then I have been fascinated with camping.

      After returning home in 2012, I founded iKamper to find a better solution for life on the road. After many tests, prototypes, and improvements on our previous three models, my team and I are proud to present the Skycamp: an EXPANDABLE hard shell roof top tent that sets up in LESS than a minute!

      We are a very small team with big dreams: with your support, we hope to bring iKamper to the world! Let the free-spirited around the world hit the road, stop where they want and fall asleep looking up at the stars, without having to give up comfort or go through the difficulties I did.

      - Soon Park, iKamper Founder


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