X-COVER - Patented, Award-Winning Design

Introducing the X-Cover rooftop tent, by iKamper!
  • Patented design: eliminates the bulky PVC cover of traditional rooftop tents
  • Saves time: be ready to camp in 3 minutes
  • Cross bars: mount your favorite equipment, and save space in your vehicle. Black, powder-coated, aluminum bars. Load rating: 65lbs/30kg
  • Sleeps 3-4 people: comfortable king-size mattress
  • Lightweight: 120lbs (55kg)
  • Breathable: insulating Poly-Cotton Canvas tent fabric
  • Open design: double Skyview windows for extra light by day and a view of the stars at night
  • Mounting Brackets 2.0: Faster installation, the new standard of mounting brackets. These quick-to-tighten brackets are compatible with a maximum cross bar height of 1.2" (3cm) and a width of 3.5" (9cm). For higher cross bars, contact us at support@ikamper.com to request the 1.0 brackets instead. If you have already received your tent with the 2.0 brackets and still need the 1.0 brackets, you can send them in for a trade up to 10 days after your tent has been delivered.


- The aluminum bars on top of the X-Cover are included with the Silver X-Cover ($3,199) only. The Black X-Cover ($2,799) does not have cross bars. If you do not need cross bars on your Silver X-Cover, please contact us at support@ikamper.com for a $400 discount. Additional rack systems (bike, kayak, paddleboard, etc) are NOT included.
- Product images are for reference purposes only and may differ to a certain extent from the actual product. Branding on the most recent X-Cover includes iKamper's trademarked crest logo as well as a monochrome iKamper logotype.


NOTE: This item ships free of charge via palletized freight, so please allow one to two weeks for delivery. These shipments are very heavy and require a signature upon receipt.

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