Love People, Love Nature

Love People

iKamper believes that the best times are those spent traveling and discovering the world with family and friends, and our mission is to enable you to conveniently do just that. As a proudly South Korea-based company with a dedicated US team in the Pacific Northwest, we recognize that diversity and inclusion bring value to our brand. We welcome all in the iKamper community regardless of ethnicity, education, race, nationality, gender, age, religion, or belief. To show our commitment to loving people, we’ve partnered with  Northwest Harvest, a local non-profit food bank dedicated to ending hunger here in Washington state.

Love Nature

Our passion for the outdoors is inextricably linked to environmental preservation, and we actively take steps to make our contribution. iKamper follows the Leave No Trace practice and believes in respecting our beautiful, shared nature. To show our commitment to loving nature, we’ve become a member of the  Conservation Alliance to join the outdoor community's leading companies in protecting North America's wild places.

iKamper USA Team

While iKamper products are made with pride at our own facility in South Korea, our 100% US-based team is here to help give you the best overall experience locally. iKamper USA is headquartered in the greater Seattle, WA area, and our products are warehoused and shipped in the US. Our customer service and quality control teams are here for you, to help you make a decision pre-purchase and assist you post-purchase.

Soon Park

iKamper Founder & CEO

A professional guitar player, self-taught engineer, and serial entrepreneur, Soon designs iKamper's award-winning products and leads the company's vision.



After spending 3 years in South Korea building iKamper's global presence, Nathan now leads the US operations and has a passion for entrepreneurship and world travel.



After spending 3 years in South Korea building iKamper's global presence, Nathan now leads the US operations and has a passion for entrepreneurship and world travel.



A former expat with a background in education and a love for travel and live music, and Josh handles iKamper digital marketing.



An avid outdoorsman and professional photographer, Aaron shoots iKamper content, tests products, and is in charge of media collaborations.



An outdoor enthusiast with passions in running, mountaineering, as well as art, Colleen handles iKamper customer relationship management, communications, assists in logistics, and analysis.



Happiest when exploring the outdoors, traveling the world, or adventuring on two wheels, Ashlyn manages the iKamper warehouse and shipping operations.

philo bemis v

warehouse associate

An Oakland, California transplant in the great PNW  who is focused on getting out into the wilderness in as many ways possible, Philo keeps our warehouse in pristine condition and ships out units as fast as he can.


Logistics Manager

Ahla mixes her background in logistics and attention to detail to handle our purchasing and logistics. On her to-do list: an overlanding trip to Zion with her husband and Australian shepherd Hoochu.

Erik Gordon

Community Manager

After years of adventure in a vintage VW van and slinging coffee anywhere from Boulder, CO to the basecamp of Mt Everest, Erik now manages the global iKamper community with the ultimate mission to Love People & Love Nature.

A Community of Outdoor Enthusiasts

With members in more than 30 countries across the globe, the iKamper Community has grown exponentially since its inception in 2017. Starting as a small group of crowdfunding backers for the original Skycamp, the iKamper Community is now a virtual space where thousands of members can ask for and share their experiences, support, advice, setups, upgrades, and modifications. 

The iKamper Story

Jack Kerouac’s "On the Road " deeply inspired Soon Park, iKamper’s founder. The themes of adventure, discovery, freedom, and passion deeply resonated with Soon, who traveled all over the US between 2009 and 2012 with his family. Soon met incredible people throughout his travels and visited beautiful locations, which is the origin of iKamper’s slogan “Love People, Love Nature”.

"With our shabby trailer, we drove 58,000 miles around North America. The trip was not always filled with wonder and excitement: we had to change flat tires three times on a road where cars passed by only every hour or so. However, we witnessed the kind smiles coming from the poorest people in the richest country, and we danced under the pouring light of galaxies in the desert. Imagination became reality, freedom was understood, and mutual understanding between humans and nature all gathered in a single place during our trip."

- Soon Park, Founder of iKamper

A Brief History

Soon Park, iKamper’s founder and CEO, is a professional guitar player, self-taught engineer, business owner, and serial entrepreneur. He sold his snowboarding equipment shop in 2008 and decided to move from his homeland of South Korea to the US with his wife and two daughters. During their time in the US, they spent over 2 years on the road exploring, camping, and discovering.

After returning to South Korea in 2012, Soon founded iKamper. His fascination with tree houses as a child and the difficulties he experienced while camping on the road let him to develop iKamper’s first roof top tent, the Hard Top One, in 2014.

Given Korea’s smaller market size, Soon always had his eyes on the global market. Shortly after posting the first Skycamp on Facebook, it got picked up by major outlets such as Rockets Are Cool, GiGadgets, and Insider Design, quickly reaching over 100 million views.


iKamper - How It Came to Life.

In January 2017, Nathan Hendrix joined the iKamper team to facilitate access to the global market. Sharing Soon’s passion for travel and adventure, his goal is to grow the brand internationally.

In February 2017, iKamper’s most innovative roof top tent yet, Skycamp, launched on Kickstarter and quickly became the most successful tent project ever on crowdfunding, raising USD $2.37 million over 45 days. Throughout the rest of 2017, more than one thousand Skycamps were shipped to 46 countries around the world.

In January 2018, the Aioks all-in-one kitchen system (formerly called the "EatOut") was successfully funded and was placed in the top 1% of campaigns on Kickstarter.

In May 2019, iKamper opened its US office in Seattle, WA to focus on the US market. One year later in May 2020, iKamper USA opened a warehouse and moved its office to Kent, WA in the greater Seattle area. Our team has been expanding as our business grows, and we are excited to see what the future holds for us!

iKamper is a small, family-owned, company with big dreams: our goal is to make iKamper into a leading global brand, one that focuses on innovation and quality.

iKamper: Innovation & Quality

All of iKamper’s products are the creation of its founder, Soon Park, a self-taught engineer who enjoys bringing his creations to life.

The Skycamp shook the roof top tent industry, becoming the most successful tent project ever on Kickstarter, raising USD $2.37 million. Its innovative design, comfortably sleeping 3-4 people and allowing set up in less than a minute, led to its success: within 6 months of producing the first unit, Skycamps were shipped to 46 countries and sold at dealers in 14 territories.

The most satisfying feeling is seeing happy iKamper customers around the world, traveling and sharing pictures of their adventures.


iKamper - Skycamp

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