Jason Nicosia

Jason Nicosia

Location: Colorado
Vehicle: 2017 Toyota Tacoma & 2021 Toyota Tundra
iKamper Gear: Skycamp Mini
Lifestyle: Overlander, chef, outdoor cooking and pop up dinners, exploring, photography
Biggest Pro Tip: Life is too short to eat bad food while camping. Plan accordingly.
My TED Talk would be about: Food and campfires and how both connect us deeply as humans.
My Dream Trip: Baja, baby. Let’s gooooo!!!!
Favorite Go-To Camping Meal: Steaks or steaks. Or just about anything you can find at your favorite restaurant!
Life Motto: Life is short. Eat well.

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Hey Guys! I’m Jason from Overland Eats! I spend my weekends cooking up adventures in the mountains of Colorado in my purpose built Toyota overlanding trucks. I love camping, cooking, and meeting new people as often as possible. Keep an eye out for the secret pop up dinners I host throughout the year!

How has iKamper changed the way you think about adventure?  I spent 37 days camping in 2020 and it was only possible knowing I had my home away from home mounted to my truck and ready to provide me with a comfy, safe, and warm spot to crash. 

Best/Worst Camping Story:  Best: 4 days of mobbing around Aspen while the leaves were changing. Just epic.Worst: Falling into a crevasse with Mateo from @TacomaBeast and nearly getting frostbite!

Where you can find me on my day off: In the garage of my mountain house with half my truck apart and me watching YouTube vids of how to put it back together.

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