Thanks to our universal mounting system, the Skycamp and X-Cover fit on most vehicles.

They are designed to be mounted on two normal cross bars (not directly on the roof of the car), such as ones from Thule, Yakima, or any other after-market cross bars (same bars you would attach your bike or Kayak to).

  • Check your vehicle's manual or contact manufacturer to know your roof's weight limit.
  • Make sure your roof rack or cross bars have a dynamic weight load of at least 165lbs/75kg.

If you don't have cross bars or a roof rack yet, the experts at Rack Outfitters offer a 10% discount + FREE shipping to all iKamper customers. You can contact Paul directly at if you have any questions about which rack is best for your vehicle.

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The Skycamp has two rails underneath the main panel, and it is mounted on your cross bars with adjustable mounting brackets. Check the spacing of the Skycamp's mounting rails below to make sure it fits your rack. The rails are 1.77" / 4.5cm wide and 0.98" / 2.5cm tall.

Please view the image below to see the minimum distance between cross bars.